Your Body Type and Waist Slimming Undergarments

Every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way and fashionable clothing along with well-fitting shapewear can enhance her best features and conceal the flaws. There are many ways to categorize female bodies including Indian Vedic type, western metabolic type as well as by its shape that visually reminds apple, pear, rectangle or banana, hour glass and inverted triangle. There are more types but these five are the most common.

Height and weight alone are not the determining factors when trying to find out your body type but visual body shape and proportion is; skinnier woman can have similar body shape to her heavier counterpart. Your figure might be one of the five types mentioned above or a mixed one. Knowing your type will help you navigate fashion world with ease because you will know what clothing style to choose to flatter your figure and what to stay away from. Waist slimming undergarments will also bring you closer to the desired body shape and boost your confidence.

Pear body type


This body type can be easily recognized by wider lower half comparing to upper, hips are wider than shoulders with thin waist. Pear has its advantages too-thinner shoulders, narrow waist and flat belly, which can be easily enhanced with clothing that was tailored specifically for this kind of figure.

The best way to dress is to emphasize shoulder area with bright colors, decorated sleeves, shoulder pads, expressive neckline, ruffles, off-shoulder shirts etc. The purpose is to add volume or visually striking detail on top half of your body to balance it with wider lower body. Solid darker colors and simple cut skirts are great to conceal wider hips and thighs; try this classic contrasting combination of dark color pencil skirt with white shirt and a wide belt with decorative buckle.

Other pear-shaped figure flattering choices are sleeveless, strapless, ruffled in the shoulder area tops and dresses as well as shirts with square and round neckline; short blazers and sweaters for colder seasons. Nude color heals will visually elongate legs and add elegance to your outfit. Avoid wearing anything that could add volume and draw attention to your lower body.

Apple body type


This body type is the opposite of pear and it is the heaviest in the middle with wide shoulders and ribs yet narrow hips and thighs. Well-chosen clothing should create an illusion of narrower and longer waist as well as show off the shapely legs. Usually a well-supporting bra is a must for this body type to provide necessary lift as well as help define the midsection.

Best fashion choices are same color tops and bottoms with V-shaped neckline which visually elongates your waist. Do wear belts, wider tops and dresses, straight or boot cut jeans to balance out upper and lower body. Skirts should be short to show off your best asset-shapely legs.

Rectangle/ Banana

Rectangle shaped body looks the same width at shoulders, chest, waist and hips, naturally lacking feminine curvature especially in the midsection. Usually tall and thin people have this kind of body and it reminds of a banana because it is visually even width from top to bottom. Luckily there is nothing to conceal so feel free to flaunt your legs and arms along with clothing that visually cinches your waist area. Best fashion choices consist of high quality bra, ruffles and other details in the chest area as well as bright color bottoms, long blazers and layered clothing.

Wearing different color tops and bottoms will create contrast to accentuate your figure along with well fitting and waist defining shapewear. Padded bra is an option too to create visual difference between your bust and narrower waist as well as wearing an A-line and bulky maxi skirts will add volume to your narrow hips. Bold print is also advised for this type of body along with bulky flowy tops and narrow figure-fitting bottoms. Avoid wearing shoulder pads, boxy cut clothing, monochromatic outfits or shapeless dresses

Hour glass figure

Hour Glass

Shoulders and hips proportionally are about the same size with narrow midsection. This body type is considered the most desired and if you are the owner of figure like that, consider yourself born under a lucky star! Your goal is to proudly flaunt what your mamma gave you so ditch those baggy clothes and slip into something to show off you best asset-curves.

High quality push up bra will frame your breasts and body-fitting clothing will emphasize your feminine figure. Choose midsection defining clothing without adding extra bulk on your hips and thighs. Do wear belts and don’t hesitate to show off your thighs. Thin fabrics will hug your figure as well as skinny jeans will accentuate your shapely legs. Avoid baggy or too-tight clothing, choose comfortable form fitting pieces instead. Steer clear from horizontal stripes, ruffles or extra design details around waist and hip area. Always pick seamless and curve hugging shapewear like high-waisted shorts or shaping body suit.

Triangle shape body

Inverted Triangle

Wider shoulders and chest with narrow hips and thighs characterize an inverted triangle type of women’s body. Legs are the best asset that has to be emphasized every time by wearing high-waisted bright color bottoms, wide flowy pants and skirts along with fitted shirts to emphasize your narrow waist. Avoid wearing horizontally striped tops or any other piece of clothing that could visually widen your shoulders.

Try wearing darker shirts and light-colored bottoms to visually add volume where its needed the most, at your hips. Slim your shoulders down by wearing vertical lines for example unbuttoned blazer, V-neck top and narrow long chains as an accessory and avoid off-shoulder tops that accentuate your wide frame. Strapless gown without much embellishment at the shoulder and chest area will make you dazzle at any event. Also choose an A-line or full skirt as well as horizontal patterns for your bottoms to create visual volume at your lower body. Wide pants, interesting design details like ruffles, bright colors or embroidery at your hips will create visually pleasing balance as well. Padded shapewear as well as waist cinchers will help define your waist and add some volume at your hips.

All of us want to look great and balanced no matter the body type for everyday casual wear, business attire or former dress. Any type of female figure can be enhanced with individual body type flattering clothing as well as correct shaping undergarments that will help with problem areas like thighs, hips, arms and of course the midsection. There are thousands of different types of shapewear available online and Shapewear Angel is here to help you find the right one for you.

Happy shopping, dear Ladies!

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