Your Body Type and Waist Slimming Undergarments

Every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way and fashionable clothing along with well-fitting shapewear can enhance her best features and conceal the flaws. There are many ways to categorize female bodies including Indian Vedic type, western metabolic type as well as by its shape that visually reminds apple, pear, rectangle or banana, … Read more

Body Image and Best Shapewear for a Tummy

Let’s face it-sometimes shapewear carries a negative undertone and it’s perceived as some kind of restricting undergarment or contraption that is worn to conceal women’s body imperfections. Most of us have been convinced that our body needs constant improvement and unfortunately we forget to actually celebrate and enjoy it just the way it is, a … Read more

Best Body Shaper for Women and Your Posture


There are thousands of available shaping undergarments and so many occasions and ways to wear them. Body enhancing or smoothing shapewear is made for weddings or other special occasions; lightly supporting high or mid-waisted shorts are for everyday but there are other compression undergarments that are meant for your curve definition and, believe it or … Read more

Plus Size Wedding Undergarments


There is no doubt the so anticipated bridal gown takes the center stage during a wedding. Usually alterations, accessories, hair and makeup take up all the planning time but it’s equally crucial to give a thorough thought to your shaping undergarments. There are hundreds of choices available at your fingertips and your local mall that … Read more

Best Slimming Shapewear for Women

Shapewear for Women

Historically women’s shapewear was worn for hundreds of years and it was deeply rooted into the culture of patriarchal society. Feminine figure altering or enhancing undergarments were considered social and even religious norm back in the Middle Ages as well as fashion statement later in modern times. There are many types of compression garments that … Read more

About Dalia-Founder

My Story Hello, my lovely Ladies of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to Shapewear Angel! My name is Dalia and I would like to share my story with you. I have been a chubby girl most of my life and my youth wasn’t easy because I got picked on quite a bit during my high … Read more