Best Body Shaper for Women and Your Posture

There are thousands of available shaping undergarments and so many occasions and ways to wear them. Body enhancing or smoothing shapewear is made for weddings or other special occasions; lightly supporting high or mid-waisted shorts are for everyday but there are other compression undergarments that are meant for your curve definition and, believe it or not, posture correction. Figure shaping undergarments have been found to support and slightly correct women’s posture because modern hi-tech Lycra compression fabrics have surprisingly strong grip that can be wisely used for shaping body curves or your spine support. The best body shaper for women does both!

Shapewear Compression and Support Levels

There are 4 main groups of compression undergarments that many of us are using on a regular basis-

  • Light support– slightly hugs your body, visually smoothes your curves, and subtly slims your figure. It could be worn all day long without any discomfort.
  • Medium support– feels more tense and presses down to your skin a little stronger with higher slimming and smoothing effects. Also, this type of undergarment lightly improves your posture which is perfect for desired elegant look. This type of undergarment might cause slight discomfort but it could still be worn for quite a while.
  • High support– high-compression undergarments do have the strongest and most body altering and posture correcting effects. They are meant for special occasions only. Corsets, constricting belts and body shaping suits can only be worn with that special formal dress and always remember to pick something that you can bear for an entire event without suffering. Blood flow restricting shapers, bras with poking wires or garments that cut into your skin should not be worn at any circumstances.
  • Non-shaping undergarments-they fit fairly loosely and their main purpose is to provide extra coverage without any compression. Light slips are great to wear under see-through skirts as well as soft skin tone tank tops provide so needed coverage under your airy summer blouses for added modesty.

Benefits of Correct Posture

All of us know that spine is the core and supporting structure of our entire body, which consists mainly of soft tissue, bones and water. Health of our muscular-skeletal system can be supported by many things that include well-balanced diet, regular exercise and even special shapewear that is commonly used to enhance or visually slim our figures. Medium to firm compression undergarments naturally push your spine forward eliminating excessive slouching and abnormal skeletal curvature of your torso and neck. This spinal shift forward loosens nerve endings that are nested between our vertebrae allowing better blood flow to prevent all kinds of muscular-skeletal issues later in life.

One of the most painful problems is pinched nerve that causes sudden unbearable pain as well as limits our mobility. This condition might be caused by multiple factors including incorrect posture, lifting excessive weights without special protective belt etc. Normal body posture arranges your spine and ribs in the way that opens up your airways and lungs, which allows you to breathe freely and fully absorb oxygen into your blood stream.

Well supported spine keeps your shoulders, knees and hips aligned as well as your body weight distributed evenly on both feet. Modern hi-tech textiles that shapewear is made of provide just the right amount of compression for posture correction, slight muscle tone and visually slimming effect.

Posture Correcting Shapewear. Corset

History of a corset starts around 4,000 years ago when the first representation of a garment that resembles a corset was depicted in ancient Chinese art. Through ages, corsets were made of various materials like cloth, wood, whale bone, steel rods etc and laced with multiple laces for beauty as well as modesty. Young girls had to start wearing their first corset from childhood until their wedding day when their husbands would take them off right before the wedding night demonstrating male control over female.

Corset, aside from being a traditional feminine beauty and status enhancing accessory in numerous cultures, is a unique tool that could be used for posture correction. Corsets come in different shapes and sizes as well as compression levels. They are designed to tightly hug your waist and torso to provide extra support for your core muscles and correct spinal alignment.

There are several styles of historic corset that include hip hugging variant, breast-covering or breast-exposing type as well as a V-shaped corset that was made primarily to create a then-fashionable look- sharp contrast between narrow waist and wide skirts below. Well tailored corset did allow women to freely breathe and work but bending at the waist was restricted protecting the spine.

Other Posture Correcting Shapewear

While corsets were made with all kinds of stiff and restrictive materials, everyday version of shapewear was a some kindĀ of a quilted linen undergarment, which was worn underneath a dress for lighter support.

Women’s shapewear was evolving for hundreds of years since then and luckily we do have the most modern and up-to-date version of it that is light-weight yet equally shaping and supportive. Elastic belts, high-waisted shorts and briefs, full or partial shaping body suits, compression tank tops and shaping dresses are the types of modern posture supporting and figure slimming undergarments. All of them are made with hi-tech Lycra fabrics that allow unrestricted blood flow and breathing as well as they feel great on your skin.


Various life situations like pregnancy, back issues, hard work and natural aging created high demand for women’s posture supporting undergarments for hundreds of years. Lucky for us, huge advancements were made in science, textile and clothing industries. New fibers were invented and innovative computerized machinery is capable of knitting the thinnest elastic thread into a well-fitted body hugging garment with a push of a button. High density fabrics are light and breathable yet they are capable of surprisingly high compression and elasticity. Posture correction and support was never as easy as it is right now.

It is up to you what level of support to choose for your style, posture, important upcoming event or your intricate outfit but never compromise on your own comfort. One thing is crystal clear-your intimate shaping undergarments can make or break your day!

Happy shopping!

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