Plus Size Wedding Undergarments

There is no doubt the so anticipated bridal gown takes the center stage during a wedding. Usually alterations, accessories, hair and makeup take up all the planning time but it’s equally crucial to give a thorough thought to your shaping undergarments. There are hundreds of choices available at your fingertips and your local mall that it is so easy to get confused and loose your track! What you wear under your wedding dress can significantly impact your confidence, comfort and overall look. Women’s shapewear and especially plus size wedding undergarments are vital necessity and they have to be carefully selected for proper fit and function. It is very likely, you’ll be wearing your underwear, bra and other shaping intimate items throughout endless photo sessions, tear-jerking ceremony and hours on the dance floor, but changing into something soft and comfortable is not an option! With that said, weddings are the time to be at your very best and your well chosen shaping undergarments will play a significant role in how great you feel through the day.

Getting Measured Properly for Your Shaper Undergarments

It’s quite possible that you haven’t been sized for undergarments for a while now and you might arrive to a store without any idea what you really want or need. Multiple style, support and color choices can be so confusing as well as different brands might have different sizing for their garments but don’t get discouraged! My best advice is to go to a local department store that caries most of the shapewear styles or a local bridal boutique and they will likely have a dedicated fitting specialist who will properly take your measurements, discuss your individual needs and offer you the right product to boost your confidence and to prevent any future wardrobe malfunctions during your event. Even plus size wedding undergarments are no brainer when you get expert guidance and purchase special shapewear for your unique body and your gorgeous wedding gown.

How to Choose the Right Shapewear for You?

Putting your bridal look together is so much fun and the right shapewear is the vital part of it. It would be best to bring a photo of your gown along with you to the store to get the best guidance on what pieces to purchase. You will, most likely, be getting a few of them to define your thighs, chest and midsection. Body hugging dress styles require smooth well defined body curves and seamless shapewear to achieve this gorgeous look.

Bridal shapewear is special because it required maximum support and compression as well as it can and should be playful and fun. There is no place for plain and boring shapers when so many beautiful lace and satin pieces are available in the stores or online. Eventually you will have to try on your smoothing undergarments together with your wedding dress to make sure you have the right combination to boost you up for your very special day. Glowing and confident bride is the best wedding gift to you and your other half!

Shapewear to Fit Your Special Style

Plunging neckline or backless dress can be a little intimidating at first but there is nothing impossible with the right amount of support and coverage! Deep plunge strapless bra or U-shaped bra has deep cutout in front to perfectly show off your gorgeous cleavage adorned with stunning jewelry. The dipping neckline also doesn’t mean you have to put up with less support elsewhere because the plunging bra has great built-in side-hugging support. Perfect backless bridal look can be achieved by using backless body suit for beautifully lifted and framed back side.

Dreamy mermaid gown is one of the most favorite bridal looks ever because it’s perfect to showcase your feminine figure and charm. Also, this body hugging dress requires well defined thighs, butt and tummy, which high-waisted shaper shorts and shaping slips can take care of.

Plus Size Shapewear Mistakes to Avoid

The wedding day is one of the most special days in woman’s life when everything is supposed to be perfect (ideally!) including their shaping undergarments. Unfortunately, none of us can control weather or that one embarrassing relative that we all have but we definitely can make sure we prepare the perfect shapewear for our unique body and dress ahead of time. The biggest mistake brides can make is they try to squeeze into something that is a few sizes too small or too tight. Poking wires, bands and straps that cut in, restricted blood flow, strange bulges, chafing skin or double boobs-all are signs of ill-fitting undergarments. Well tailored shapewear has to allow easy breathing and unrestricted movements as well as they should feel good on your skin because you will have to endure it for quite a while.


It’s no secret that flawless bridal looks are created by using some kind of shapewear and sometimes it is build in the dress already, which eliminates the searching part. But for those who purchase separate pieces to wear modern hi-tech microfiber seamless shapewear is so much better than your grandmothers girdle and it can do wonders for women of any shape and size. Even though bridal shapewear is not meant to be worn on a daily basis but it still can be functional, gorgeous and comfortable enough to wear it for the entire event.

Special shapewear can be useful and also quite fun!! It can add that naughty little detail to give your partner a pleasant surprise during your private time later. There are quite a few brands that carry lots of wonderful pieces that combine function and beauty. And most importantly plus size ladies look great in sexy well fitting shaping undergarments!

A few things to remember when shopping for special shapewear-

  • get sized by a professional fitter
  • bring along a picture of your wedding gown
  • always choose the right size undergarments
  • get advice on what pieces to purchase to fit your body and your dress
  • choose nude or tan colors
  • choose seamless
  • try on your entire wedding  look ahead of time to make sure everything works
  • have fun at your own party!

Happy shopping, Dear Ladies!

with Love,

Dalia at Shapewear Angel



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