Plus Size Control Shapewear and Business Attire

Plus size business casual attireThere are very few women who really don’t care about their bodies or their looks. All of us want to look great wearing figure flattering styles and accessories. Yes, it is true it’s much easier to put an outfit together for a slimmer person but don’t despare because fuller body can be very sexy when accentuated with the right kind of fashion clothing, fitting colors, prints and fabrics as well as plus size control shapewear. And lets be honest, many women are happy with their curves and all they want is the right styles to show off their best features.

All you need to do is to pick the right shape clothing, fabric colors and prints and pair them with wisely-chosen eccesories and you will be amazed how well you look! Curves are sexy and currently there are many more designers who started catering to the larger size clientelle. Having a few essential items that fit you well makes it a breaze to complete a stylish business casual outfit.

The Right Fabrics and Colors for Fuller Figure

The most important detail when choosing plus size clothing is fabrics. They determine how well garment fits each individual figure and how it accentuates or not the right features and blend in the flaws. Coarse grain fabrics, chunky knits and decorative fur details are best to stay away from when shopping for plus size casual or business attire. See-through fabrics should be used in moderation as well and applied only to the spots on your body that you are proud of like your cleavage. Minimize or eliminate any decorative embelishements on the areas you’d like to keep concealed like your hips, large bust or your midsection. Always have a pair of well fitting shapewear to give you a boost!

The idea of using lace and sparkly fabrics exclusively for slimmer figures is outdated so wear them proudly! Yet the most important thing to remember when choosing bright novelty threads is to pick the right location on your body to display them because they will definitelly draw attention. For example, eye catching color, lacey or sequined details on your shoulders will wisely take focus away from your wider hips to your slimmer upper body that way balancing entire look. The right shapewear will keep all unwanted bulges at bay as well.

White color was also considered enemy #1 for plus size figures for a long time but contemporary fashion states otherwise-emphasizing your best body features with white and concealing your flaws with darker colors is the winning combination to make you look slimmer and elegant. Black color is a life saver for fuller figure ladies but don’t let it limit you either. Choose one main darker/ neutral color for your outfit with one strategically placed eye-catching decor element. Each individual body type might need a different recomendation on best fitting colors and styles.

Fabric prints

Fabric Prints for Plus Size Clothing

Not every print is equal but full bodied women also should not shy away from wearing prints entirely. For example small floral or geometric print will not look well on larger size body as well as horizontal lines will only visually widen therefore it’s best to stay away from them. Slimmer figures, on the other hand, can benefit from horizontal prints or lines to add volume where it’s needed the most, like bust or hips.

Extremely bright or contrasting designs as well as floral prints with small and large details will only emphasize fullness of your body but large prints will have incredibly slimming effect by taking focus away from the parts that should stay concealed. Large print top with dark color slimming pencil skirt will go great for pear body type. Apple shaped body types should put emphasis on their slim legs by wearing bright colored tights and shaping solid color long tops or dresses.

Figure Flattering Style and Cut 

Many fuller body women naturally tend to go for baggy clothing to hide their problem zones but unfortunatelly this fashion choice couldn’t be more wrong for this type of figure. The best plus size clothing should be gently form-fitting and feminine because, believe it or not, you really do have some great curves to show off! Shapeless baggy or straight cut tops will only make you look like a large column. Choose wide belts and waist slimming shirts to make you into a so-desired hour glass- shaped siren.  

Other extreme that some plus size women go for is clothing that is way too small and too tight. Unsightly bulges squeezed into a tight fitting and too revealing clothing will not make you look slimmer. Choose form-fitting clothes with intuitively placed draped details instead to emhasize your best assets and hide the flaws. Moderation is key in any plus size outfit. The same applies to ill-fitting shapewear that either creates unwanted bumps, pokes or cuts into your skin, restricts blood flow or just is too small and makes it hard to breathe.

Nude heals

Shoes and Accessories 

Shoes are as important for a well fitted plus size business casual outfit as clothing is. Certain details flatter fuller body and others don’t, for example, narrow straps and kitten heals on your shoes or sandals will only emphasize your lush body as well as shoes that are too massive like platforms or chunky heals. Flats and ancle covering boots are also not advised because they draw attention to your large shins. Medium size classic black or nude heals is a great choice for any occasion.

Accessories should also be figure-flattering therefore it’s best to stay away from miniature rings, pendants, earrings, short necklaces and such because they create unwanted contrast with your plus size body. Medium size jewelry is a go-to for you; choose long necklaces that visually elongate your figure. Narrow belts and too small or too large purses will only make matters worse and they should be avoided. Well balanced plus size business casual outfit calls for moderation in everything starting with figure flattering clothing, shoes and accessories. And of course you need well-fitting shaping shorts, body suit or slimming top as well as a high quality bra to complete your perfect look. 

Fuller Figure is a Great Asset!

In general, moderatelly lush figure is considered healthier and more attractive than overly skinny physique. Lucky for us, plus size curves are going mainstream with numerous celebrities proudly flauting their unique curvy figures on social media as well as quite a few designers make more size inclusive collections than before. Celebrate your curves in a contemporary well-tailored fashion clothing from casual to formal as well as anything in between paired with size appropriate shaping garments. A few slimming basics like dark pencil skirt, nude medium size heals, wider leg pants, tailored blazer with white fitted button-up shirt could be combined with endless accessories for a professional yet less stuffy look. Dress well and have fun, my dear full-figured ladies! 

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